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A division of Bay Area Capital Assets

Instant Funder Inc. is a private money-lending source, providing turnkey financing solutions for single, multi-family, new construction, land development and commercial investment properties. Instant Funder is the premier source for loans to purchase and rehabilitate income properties.

Our typical borrowers are real estate investors who wish to purchase distressed, properties and either hold them long-term as rentals or flip them for a quick profit.  Instant Funder can even assist borrowers wishing to finance the purchase of REO’s or short sale properties, both individually and in bulk.

Instant Funder’s lending capital comes from a small group of individual investors.  We work closely with licensed brokers to handle the transactions and service our loans.  We understand the unique needs of developers, contractors and investors, and have developed the flexibility and creativity necessary to suit these borrowers’ special needs.

Instant Funder Inc., a direct lender, also offers a Lending Program, the “Instant Funder National Construction Lending Alliance” to select, well-qualified, experienced rehab contractors and investors.  The purpose of this program is to help revitalize neighborhoods and communities.  Qualified  contractor/rehabbers have the opportunity to rebuild or expand their business by joining up with Instant Funder in a unique program that allows participation with minimal cash input.

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